24mm Meker Burner with Safety Cutout – F4101/22TC

For use with Natural Gas only.

Manufactured out of brass and are all nickel plated.

The top of the burner is fitted with a perforated steel head, which gives off multiple small but very hot flames.

Not fitted with an air regulator.

The hottest flame temperature for all natural gas burners is between 900 and 1OOO’C.

Temperature is achieved at the tip of the blue flame cone.

Typically the temperature of the airless yellow flame will be between 750 and 8000C.

The temperatures are dependent on mains pressure and the chemical construction of the gas which varies in different parts o the world.

The standard mains pressure for natural gas is 20 millibars (7.8 inches water gauge).

These burners are supplied with a flame failure device that shuts off the gas supply to the burner within approximately 20 seconds of the flame being extinguished.

The safety features are all contained within the burner – an electrical supply from either mains or battery is therefore not required.

The moving parts, ie. The actuator and thermocouple can be replaced, although exhaustive tests have not yet caused a failure.

However, in the event of damage, we recommend that repairs are carried out in our factory to ensure that the burner is properly adjusted and operates correctly.

Burner Head Diameter 24mm

Overall Height 162mm

Typical Gas Consumption 62.5 litres per hour

Weight 0.34 kg
Dimensions 16.2 cm

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