Bunsen 13mm (1/2) Natural Nickel Plated – F4006/2

O.D. OF INLET: 9.25 mm
I.D. OF OUTLET: 9.0 mm
Typical gas consumption 107.5 litres per hour

The hottest flame temperature for all natural gas burners is between 900 and 1OOO’C.

Temperature is achieved at the tip of the blue flame cone.

Typically the temperature of the airless yellow flame will be between 750 and 8000C.

The temperatures are dependent on mains pressure and the chemical construction of the gas which varies in different parts of the world.

The standard mains pressure for natural gas is 20 millibars (7.8 inches water gauge).

All burners are constructed utilising a heavy pressure diecast base painted in a blue chemically resistant acrylic finish.

All burners are tested for flame quality and leakage prior to packing.

The tests are carried out at the standard gas pressure for each specific type gas.

In the event that jets might be changed a jointing compound must be used.

We cannot accept liability resulting from burners that have been stripped for whatever reason.

Weight 0.27 kg

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