R&L Invest in New Citizen L20 Sliding Head Lathe with LFV Technology

New Citizen L20 - R&L Investment

Continued investment see’s R&L add to their range of sliding head lathes with a new Citizen L20 type VIII with LFV Technology.

The machine is a 20mm capacity twin spindle 7 axis lathe with upto 26 tools:

= 6 turning

= 10 driven

= 4 front machining & 4 back machining

= Fitted with a Iemca magazine barfeed for lights out production.


LFV (low frequency vibration) is Citizens’ latest, unique control technology which oscillates the X & Z servo axes in synchronisation with the spindle.

It offers unprecedented levels of chip control and is highly effective for both small diameter drilling and when machining difficult to cut materials.

  • Citizen LFV Cutting Technology – Reduced Chip Sizes
  • Programmable chip control
  • Chips are broken up and do not become entangled with the material or tool.
  • Cutting resistance is lowered.
  • The machining temperature doesn’t rise so there is little susceptibility to distortion.
  • Tool life is extended.
  • Very fine cuts are possible


R&L Invest in New-Citizen L20